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PLAZA LEGAL is a Law Firm specialized in offering personalized and quality legal services in various branches. Our team of highly trained and committed lawyers is led by two outstanding partners: Germán Plaza and JM Tubella.

Germán Plaza

Germán Plaza, licensed lawyer ICAB 15944 (1988), is an expert in matrimonial law and real estate law with more than 30 years of experience. In addition, he has a master's degree in financial and tax law from Abad Oliba and a postgraduate degree in inheritance law at UOC. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Germán is a lawyer highly valued by his clients and colleagues for his professionalism, dedication and commitment to his cases.

JM Tubella

Juan Manuel Tubella Plaza, licensed lawyer ICAB 16572 (1989), is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience. With a master's degree in business legal advice from Abad Oliba, an Executive MBA from the UB and various postgraduate degrees, JM is a comprehensive lawyer specializing in litigation. JM also has extensive experience as a corporate in-house attorney, giving him a unique and valuable perspective on corporate legal practice.


At PLAZA LEGAL, we are proud to have Germán Plaza and JM Tubella as leaders of our team of lawyers. Both partners are committed to excellence in legal practice and are dedicated to providing effective and personalized solutions to our clients.

A relationship based on trust

Duo enim sunt meliora praemia laboris quam unum

 There are two better rewards for work than one (Ovid). The importance of teamwork is highlighted and how collaboration can lead to better and more satisfactory results than individual work, through cooperation and effective communication among team members to achieve common goals.

PLAZA LEGAL seeks excellence in legal practice

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